Saturday, December 12, 2009

Official "Tween"

There was a time in Emma's life..... oh say when she was about two years old that she had a precious nickname of Princess from her Daddy. One day they were driving down the street and from the back seat a little voice asked, "Daddy?" "Yes Princess" answered Doug. Emma asked, "When will I be Queen?"

I love hearing that story. Recently Emma turned 12. For her birthday theme, we crowned her - not Queen but Tween! I had the best time. I thought she would totally roll her eyes at me, but she has worn her crown almost every day since she got it!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Runner without Rhythm

Have you ever heard that expression, "White folks don't have rhythm?" Well, it is true - at least for me. As a runner, I need a little rhythm - you know to get in a groove. I have always pondered how is it that people fall down and injure themselves while actually running! Well, let me explain..... I have a friend named Amy who is my running buddy. Amy has two dogs that we attempt to take running with us. One is a beautiful young lab named Sugarbear and the other is a blonde Heinz 57 mix appropriately named Heinz. Both dogs are very strong willed - kinda like some kids these days - anyway they will pull us through the neighborhood only stopping for a bush or fire hydrant. Well Amy and I were feeling really good, going down hill, making up some song about the dogs running. (yes Doug, we can run and sing at the same time) This is how it happened, I think the dogs got tangled up and I fell onto Sugarbear and then onto the asphalt with my hands to catch myself. Poor Sugarbear took the brunt of my knees in her ribs, but we got up and kept going. I wasn't hurt or at least no road rash because I run with my long sleeves over my palms to keep my hands warm. I was more embarrassed because I am sure red hair was flying and the dogs were scrambling and lots of people we know live on that street ;)
My right hand took the worst part of the fall. It was very badly bruised and I thought it was broken on Saturday morning because I could not move my thumb. It was only due to the swelling of the soft tissue in my palm.
So I guess the moral of the story is don't use the dog as a hurdle.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Lemons to Lemonade"

In this mixed up world of awful head lines from spiraling health care to war in Afghanistan; I wanted to share a sad story turned happy with you. I was listening to my FAVORITE news station on XM radio on the way to work this morning - it shall remain un-named, but let's just say I am "Fair and Balanced". Anyway, this young lady was 6 days away from what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life - her wedding day - and her groom called it off! ( My thoughts - better now than later) But how devastating for her at the last minute! Well, she already had the reception planned and paid for! She had no idea what to do - Instead of letting that rental space, food, band, and fun go to waste; the jilted bride went across the street to an assisted living home and asked could she host a party for the senior citizens the night that her reception was to be held! How amazing! The "fair and balanced" news channel had two old ladies from the senior citizens home on the network thanking the young lady for a great night of dancing and good food. Something they have not had in a long time. It just shows that people do still open their hearts for others even when they have been hurt themselves.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Elvis Milk Shake - Yummy Yummy for your Tummy Tummy

I want to start with Emma Springer won the Halloween contest at school. I may have already told you all that but I can't remember. She and three of her friends dressed up as Mt Rushmore. It was really a simple costume to make, grey poster board - crinkled to look like stone, their faces cut out so they could be the presidents, and the hair drawn on the the shape of each presidential head. It was too cute! It was a total of about $8.00 to make for four girls! They all spent the night on a school night and giggled the night away! Halloween is just a 'fun' day a EBA anyway. The second thing that happened to Emma that day is she won first place in a t-shirt design contest! She designed a t-shirt encouraging kids to stay off drugs. When she got in the car that afternoon, she told her Dad, "this has been the best day ever!"

Now to the Elvis shake - Emma is 4H club President. This month they are learning about calcium. Sooooo, she came home from school and asked me.... Love, how do you make that Elvis shake? It has milk in it? RIGHT? I said, yeah, in the form of ice cream! oh and maybe a splash of milk..... Anyway we played around until we got the recipe right and here it is. Hope you enjoy. She did turn it in for her 4H recipe containing calcium. We think you could use ice cream or frozen yogurt if you want to be healthy ;)

2 1/2 C vanilla ice cream or frozen yogart
2 bananas
1 C milk
1/2 peanut butter
Mix in blender. Drink as milkshake.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Dougie Wanna Be

Happy Halloween From Luke Finally. He has kept me so busy baking cookies, cleaning the house, washing clothes, I have hardly had any time to myself... hahaha

After I racked my brain for weeks to decide what he was going to be for Halloween, we finally settled on a football player. Essentially a miniature Dougie. He wore Dougie's pads, practice jersey, and helmet. Luke was an official EBA Spartan!

In the beginning he was to be Bam Bam from the Flintstones. We could not find a Bam Bam costume. Then He wanted to be a fireman, but somebody, I don't know who would wait to the last minute, like the day of, to go and look for a fireman costume could not find one of those either. So..... I said Luke, How about you be a football player for Halloween! My nellie, he is only 2 - he doesn't even know what Halloween is!!!!!!!

The candy has ruined him. He wakes up and wants to eat candy for breakfast. Great, now I have a two year old who is hooked on coffee (my fault) and eats candy for breakfast! If only he got both........would his teachers love me or what?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Weather......

Ummm-mmmmmm I love this cool weather! I could really go for it being in the 70's ALL the time. Even though I am a bit on the cold nature side, I could live in a world that feels like this every morning and then slightly warms up with the suns rays.
It has been a glorious day - I ran, worked out with weights, and went to church! Doug even ran with me!
I am thinking some potatoe soup sounds good!
Anyone have a good recipe?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Update - Just to say Hello from Us

Hi Everybody - or at least Barbie ( i know you read these) and it warms my heart because you seem to have such fond memories of your boys and I would like the same one day!

Just a brief update - Our very own Dougie Springer is being casted for Quarterback role on the Jr Pro football team! He was pretty excited to get that news, even though he really wanted to be running back. I think he has tremendous speed but right now he has to concentrate on "beefing" up. He is already eating us out of the house!
Emma is running cross country. eeehhh - she could take it or leave it. Her comment, "it's too much running" I asked her what she thought it would be? haha -
Speaking of running, we held our 2nd annual Bird dog break away this past weekend. The rain stopped for the day, and close to 200 people showed up to run! What a great fund raiser for the Center for New Beginnings - it is our local center to help with autism and general tutoring. Check it out

Lukee poo has been a little under the weather with tonsillitis and recurring fevers, but he is such a sweetie, you would never know he felt bad. He thinks he should get to play football with Dougie. He puts on Dougie's helmet and practice jersey and runs and runs and runs around the house. Reminds me of Forrest Gump. haha

Doug and I are just moving right along as the parents of these three rowdy youngens - and loving every minute of it!

Hope everyone is doing great!
Love to you all!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dougie - A Growing Boy

One Random Day After School Last Week......

Lori picks kids up from school. We go to the bakery for an after school snack. (Wonderful homemade goodies)

Dougie - Can I get 2 choclate covered donughts?
Lori - No, just 1. 2 has too much sugar.
Dougie - Ok, thank you.

We get home, Dougie ate his donught.

Dougie - Can I have a bowl of cereal now?
(Keep in mind he likes raisin nut bran.)
Lori - Sure, Hey - Did you eat all your lunch today?

Dougie - Yes mam. I ate it ALL. (Turkey sandwich, grapes, chips, and a yoguart)

Dougie eats 2 bowls of cereal.

Dougie - Ok, I'm ready to go to football practice now. :)

This boy is going to eat us out of the house once he really starts growing and hitting those teen years!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Fun Night

Tonight is family fun night at church and I am looking forward to it.... the youth are playing the men in a game of softball. There has been all sorts of Smack talk going back and forth! It has been quite humorous. We shall see.......

Other than that, I am soooo tired. Physically and emotionally - I took a nap on Saturday only to have Luke waking me up after one hour. He was directly in my face wispering "mommy, time to get up" Now he is the best nap taker ever - three hours, no problem... I just knew I was good for a three hour nap myself..I guess that is what I get for letting him nap in our bed with me.

So much to do outside, but it has been raining. So I can't put out weed killer, trim the shrubs or any of that stuff.

I am enjoying the weekend, only to return to reality tomorrow.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Are you ever just curious as to what is in store when you know God is doing something large. He sets the stage, clears the runway, opens the doors......... but in our human minds we cannot begin to understand what is going on. I keep getting hung up in Romans 8 during Bible readings lately......

Romans 8:26-28 And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example, we don't know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words. And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God's own will. And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Frank

Today is one of my brother's birthday - the one and only Frankie. He is a walking encyclopedia, he is so incredibly smart. He is the oldest of us three kids, but that doesn't mean the most mature : ) There is about 6 and half years difference between us. He used to play some pretty mean tricks on me when we were kids. Our Mom has a hair salon and we had to bring the white towels home to launder them. We would have a "contest" to see who could fold the most towels in the afternoons before Mom got home from work. Some how, my pile would always be way larger than his measly two or three stacker. I was so proud that I had won the contest! Never fail, I got him back - When he started talking to girls on the phone; one called for him in the afternoon and I told her "He was on the pot" - He was in the bathroom! I thought he was going to kill me for that one! He had to take summer school one year - I said he was smart - just didn't apply his self back then - anyway, he had to ride his bike to and from school. On the way home he found a baby raccoon that got separated from it's mom and he brought it home for us to raise! We kept that raccoon for a while. Yet definitely the jokester, he was supposed to be painting the outside of our Mom's Salon ( back in the 80's) she was in an old house with a tin roof - and his initials ended up on top in HUGE letters with class of '86.

Today he has a wonderful wife and four great daughters of his own. He is an awesome Dad and a great brother.

Happy Birthday Frank
I love you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hmmmm.....I talk more than Doug......

This morning I was walking Luke to church for VBS and our pastor was in the field/lot next door and Luke yelled from across the street in our driveway "Hey Al!" When we finally got to where the pastor was standing and assembling games for the older children, Luke said it again "Hey Al" not Pastor Al, or Mr. Al, just Al. I just said, "he's not a quiet child." Well, Pastor Al said, "He is Your child isn't he?" What's that supposed to mean? Just like I always say......Luke got my outgoing personality ;)
Second story, Doug happened to be at an account that knows us both and they said I talk more......go figure..
Have a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello All. Just a quick update, not much news here, just cuteness coming from Luke, Emma and Dougie. Luke is really starting to talk and learn what words mean, he remembers people, and he repeats everything! He walked up to me a couple of nights ago and held his arms up and said "Mommy, I want hold you".... awe how sweet. Now Buddy if you are reading this, THAT IS OK. We were back in Memphis visiting a while back and Luke really bonded with my brother Frank. He started calling him "Buddy". Frank just loved that!!!! He said it was his job to toughen him up, because I had babied him too much. He's only 2! At least I don't have an Oliver. ha ha
Emma is pretty bummed that she doesn't have a little sister, so she just dresses Luke up in her tank tops as a dress, and puts his hair in pigtails, and calls him Lilly Claire. He really doesn't mind at all. Emma has been promoted into the 6th grade! She made outstanding grades this past year. All A's..... I do believe she still has a evil sister streak in her though - we were on GA DOT website checking out the weight requirements to see if she could ride as a passenger in the front seat yet - and she noticed that if a child passenger weighed under 70 pounds then they needed to be in a booster seat in the back. So she was adamant that we go to Wal-Mart for Dougie a booster seat. No fear, I would never do that to him!
Now Dougie boy, he is the one really changing. Growing into a young man - He just finished an awesome season of baseball. He was First baseman, and loved it. Even if I am his
otha motha
he is a superstar when it comes to sports. He also has a heart for God. The boy is reading the Gospel of John. We are having to do some interpreting along the way, but he is in it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bloggy Fog Lately

Well it has been a while since I spoken to any of you invisible folks reading this computer screen via the blog world. I have just been plain ole BUSY or tired or mentally drained to write on here. But have no fear, I think I am back. I am feeling the need to communicate and record all the funny things our kids do on a regular basis again.
I also have new pictures that I will post of the kids. May do an entire wallpaper change and picture change to the blog. Tomorrow I am going to pick up the ones that we had taken recently. The proofs were AWESOME - I can not wait to get the real thing on my walls!
Dougie has been playing baseball these past few weeks. The season came to an end last night. They lost their final game by one run which knocked his team into second place. He has been an amazing ball player this year. He has really learned a lot and had fun on the field. I think back of the years that I attended our high school baseball games, and I am remembering how some of the parents acted or yelled at the umpires in the games. I don't and won't be a Mom like that. He will know I am there, but not making a scene. I didn't say I would cheer real loud for them when they hit or field well, but I won't be a screamer. Those moms were the worst. I often wonder if the kids feel embarrassed by their parents actions?
Do me a favor, if you are reading via the blog site, hit comment and leave me a comment. Thanks.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What is your Story?

Ok - You all know we are at the beach with several other people. To be exact, there are 15 of us all together. It was quiet humorous watching the trash man try to empty the can this morning by himself. He tried to lift the large green container and it wouldn't budge. We all giggled as he called his buddy out of the truck to help him pick it up to the lift gate. He looked up at our window and we all waved.

Also, with 15 of us in the same house most of the day, we get to see a lot of each other. I have met sisters, friends, children, and learned things about all of them that I did not know before. But the biggest thing that God has impressed on me this week is that we are to be an example all the time! Especially to these children - what a wonderful opportunity to have them in an environment away from school , TVs, game boys, and what not to teach them the values of 'doing unto others as you would have done to you'

As I look around and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, the beautiful beaches, and the sound of the waves crashing into shore, I have to admit not only is this creation beautiful, but am I doing what I was sent here to do? What examples are you setting for those around you. It doesn't matter your age, or the ages around you. I am learning from the children alike.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well, Luke and I made it to the beach! We arrived yesterday with a group of friends and are here for the week. Much to my amazement, Luke traveled great in his car seat for eight hours! He was excited to see the beach - but instead he calls it "the water". He is playing in the sand digging holes making his own swimming pool by letting the ocean fill his hole he and the other kids dug. Then he just splashes and plays in his pool! He is doing his best to keep up with the other kids - the next one closest to his age is 8. I think all the junk food is by far his favorite part. With so many families here, we each take a night and cook dinner for everyone and all eat together! It is so much fun!
Well gotta go - I am sleepy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools or The Happiest Day of My Life

Many people probably wondered are they seriously getting married on April 1st? Well the answer is yes! Doug and I did get married on April Fools Day 4 years ago! A day much like today, it was raining all day up until the ceremony that evening - the rain stopped - and we were able to proceed with our union outside in the cool evening air. Thank goodness, it wasn't humid yet! I must say our four years together has been wonderful. We have experienced a lot of new things together. We have been scuba diving, motor cycle riding, camping, boating, and he has given me the experience of motherhood with Luke. I am blessed to be involved in Dougie and Emma's life as they are growing.
I will not ever forget our small intimate wedding - we only had a few close friends and family there. Everyone there made it a special memory.
Now for the real reason it was April 1 and not April 2 - if you look back on a calender, April 2 is a Saturday - there were two reasons, to be exact - my brother would not be able to bring his girls if we did it on the 2nd and the place we got married wasn't available on that Saturday. SO, we just moved it back a day! My hubby will never forget our anniversary!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Circus In Town

The circus is coming , the circus is coming! One of my favorite memories as a child is going to the circus with my parents. I loved the elephants. They are such amazing animals, so large, so beautiful, yet so FAT and wrinkly. I have been to the circus as an adult, and to this day, I still love the elephants the most. They waltz into the arena with such charisma and ownership of the place. It amazes me that the little bitty woman who sits on their back can control them with such authority.
Anywho, we are off to the circus this week - I have to expose Luke to the elephants!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Am My Father 's Child

My Dad was a wonderful man. He could fix anything. He could build anything. He could cook anything - yes he would use every pan in the kitchen cooking it, but he could cook anything and everything. Now, he was a bit "cluttered". He had everything you could imagine in his barn and boy was it messy. He loved to work on bikes, cars, tractors, boats, motor scooters, four wheelers, anything that ran or at some point in it's life did not run. He was notorious for buying junk and fixing it up for us kids, so we would have things to ride around and play on in the fields.
He was a plumber and an electrician. He could paint, hang sheet rock, and install windows. I am telling you he could do anything he put his mind too. Sometimes, he was grumpy but aren't we all. He loved Lowe's and Home Depot. We would go there together and just shop - and leave with nothing. One year for Christmas he got me the thick book from Lowe's that has everything they carry in it - sort of like a catalog! "What in the world am I going to do with this I asked?" He just knew I enjoyed the store like he did.
In 2001 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and 10 months later he was dead. Those 10 months we made a lot of memories together. Like getting him to eat Chinese food from PF Chang's only! Watching Fried Green Tomatoes in the hospital bed with him, watching sumo wrestling? whatever he wanted - He always made chemo fun, trying on the wigs - he looked funny in the ladies wigs. We would go to Denny's after chemo for a Grand slam breakfast and see who could eat the most of their plate.
Then shortly before he died, he got really weak and could not do those things anymore. He was angry that he could not even walk from the parking lot to the front door of a store with out being short of breath. He was a good man. And he was concerned that I did not know how to cook when I was a teenager. I didn't have too, I had two older brothers who did, and I cleaned. My goal was to marry a man who could cook!
Well, my man can cook a little, but I did eventually learn to cook. But I also must have inherited a couple of other traits from my dear old Dad! We had an electrical plug outlet that was bad - Luke had fried it - I won't dare mention how - anyway, I called to see how much it would cost to be repaired. The answer on the other end - $130.00 Holy Cow! I thought, this can't be that hard, just find the circuit that provides that box power, cut it off, buy a new one, and take the old one apart, carefully remembering which wires go where, assemble the new one in the same fashion and viola! a working outlet for $14.99 - the cost of the new outlet box. No I am not for hire. Neither was my Dad.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Air Yick! not Air Wick

Isn't it true that we all watch our children so close that they could never be in any present danger with Super Mommy around! I mean, what toddler would ever tumble down a flight of stairs in the house or even the brick ones outside the house? Not mine of course! Right in front of my very own two eyes, both of those two incidents happened and I could not catch him. What Mommy would ever show her other son that she could kick a football and nail her toddler right in the face - so it was a line drive kick, with not a lot of hang time, but today's event was most unusual. Luke got a plastic toddler golf set from our precious friends for his 2 year old birthday. Well as he was play golf all throughout the house; I guess he lost his ball and had to find something else to hit. He found the Airwick which is plugged in behind a mudroom bench and about four feet off the ground! He must have knocked it out of the holder, and decided to "taste" the wick that was sticking out producing the apple cinnamon aroma. Next thing I know, he is running to me, rubbing his tongue - hanging out of his mouth - saying bbblllaaahhhh, bbbbbllllaaaaahhh and spitting. I guess they don't taste as good as they smell!
Many of you may say poison control! But nah, we just rinsed his mouth out, wiped off his tongue and went about our day. He was fine.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Solar Systems to Luke the Puppy dog


This week has been a jammed packed non stop week of fun with all three kids! We started off fast Monday evening at 6:30pm with Dougie telling us that he had a Solar system project due Wednesday. So we finished our Mexican Fiesta and headed to Wal-mart to gather supplies. It was getting late by then, so we just went to bed for the evening, leaving him to work on the project Tuesday afternoon.
First things first, upon arriving home from school, we have to make a snack! Today, I suggested healthy and they followed suite - we spent the next 30 minutes washing and cutting up fruit for a wonderful fresh fruit salad. I love the fact that both kids love to get in the kitchen! Especially Dougie!
Dougie's project turned out great! Emma even helped him paint some of his planets, but he was the boss, which reminds me of a funny saying that Dougie had when he was younger. It was always directed at Emma "You're not the boss of me".
While Emma and Dougie where painting the house I mean the planets Luke decided to grab a little snack himself!

You all don't even want to know - yes it is the dog bowl!!!! Isn't it just the sweetest thing though? He actually is on all fours eating like the dog. Doug absolutely hates that I captured this on film and will be posting this. Oh well, all kids eat dog food some time or another.

And try to drink out of the water bowl......

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke

My Dear Luke,
Today is your 2nd birthday! Oh how you have grown in these two years! You are an amazing curly headed, blue eyed little boy that keeps me on my toes. This past year has been one of you trying to be big before your time. Falling down stairs, climbing ladders on the play set to get to the slide, running so fast you tumble. I think you are wanting to be like Emma and Dougie! Oh how you love Dougie - you wander all through the house calling his name; looking for him if he is not here. You hug him all the time when he is here. And that Sissy, she sure is special to you too - (now that you finally call her something besides Dougie). She takes such good care of you and you smother her with kisses. She was actually the first one that you said "I love you" to...
Now some things about you that you love.....
Balls - you probably are the only child on this earth that has every type of ball made, plays basketball with all of them, can dribble before you are two, sleeps with balls, and the time in Wal-Mart you practically had a melt down when we walked past the balls in the big basket. You said " ball, ball, ball, ball, ball" Would not stop until I put a ball in your hands, then you hugged it close to your chest and sighed " baalllll". I think you are a little overboard.
Flying - Daddy's flying buddy, you love to fly on the computer. "I wan fly" "Les fly" constantly coming from you. "Look at dat" when they crash. Finally Daddy has a flying bud.
You don't care much for TV but you love to read a book. We read every night before bed. I love your curls; especially at night when I am singing to you before bed and scratching your hair. I think you like it too.
As far as food is concerned, you could live on Mexican just like your Mommy and Daddy. You already dip your chips in salsa. You are not lacking in the nutrition department. The pediatrician called you large the other day at your 2 year old check up. I think you are just fine at 28 pounds and 34.5 inches.
I love you so much Luke!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

For those of you that don't know, I live in the country. Now that we have that cleared up, i can proceed. Today, on my drive home from work I noticed a young man driving his tractor very slowly in a large field. He only had one very long row tilled behind him. This field that he was working on is a very important field to the residents of Burke County and the surrounding areas. It is our local Strawberry Patch owned by a very nice Mennonite family. I was so excited to see them beginning to prepare the fields for the plants that I could taste the strawberries. Once the strawberries are ripened, they sell them for a very reasonable $8 a gallon bucket. These are absolutely the sweetest strawberries you have ever tasted. Once season hits, our desserts consists of strawberry cake ( my mother in law's) it is to die for! Yummy Strawberry Shortcake made with homemade shortcakes (mine, thanks to Bisquick and some extra sugar) and some nights just plain ole strawberries. This year, I want to try something new - I got a dehydrator from my grandfather. We make yogurt in it. How about homemade strawberry yogurt? Sounds berrylicious to me! Can't wait for those berries to ripen!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Dougie Boy

Dougie did great yesterday during his surgery. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. He was a trooper. After a very long nap - he woke up and wanted his favorite cuisine - Chinese food. So off to the China Dragon I went. I'm sure you have all heard of sesame chicken and fried rice?????? Well not our China Dragon in little Waynesboro, GA - it is called North of China. Who would of thought? I just said, mam, my son just had surgery today and all he wants to eat is something that resembles sesame chicken. Could you please give the the closest thing on your menu to that. "Oohhh, yes....Nort of China" Dougie boy was happy with his North of China.
On to Luke who has some sort of virus, poor baby. He has fever, bad diarrhea, and has NOT eaten since Wednesday night. So can you imagine my fun of trying to keep my two boys from mixing it up. I don't want Luke to get Dougie sick!
Emma has been the perfect angel this week as far toughing it out, making her own way. The girl is surprising me. She is really growing up and coming into some pretty amazing thoughts of her own.

Ok, I'm going to go back and try to post that boxing video from a while back. It was sooo funny.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dougie Boy

Dougie is going in for a little procedure tomorrow morning. He needs every ones' prayers because he is a little nervous as any 8 year old would be. He is going to have his adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears. He has been plagued with ear infections since a baby and now his hearing is damaged. At first, we thought it was selective hearing - sort of like his Dad - you know - Dougie, Can you please take out the trash - What? I didn't hear you...... Seriously, the ENT did a hearing test on him and he is hearing about 50% at the level he should. I will update you all tomorrow after he is done. I know he will be fine!

Friday, February 13, 2009


For some really strange reason Doug has been Super Duper sweet lately. I am talking love notes, cards, FLOWERS, and the works. I am not sure what is going on - but ladies, he has to be up to something! Any ideas? I am loving being treated like a queen. Don't get me wrong, for the most part he is generally very sweet and thoughtful man. He is just a bit out of his norm on his actions! Going into Valentine's Day, he sure has me buttered up to be his Valentine!
Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day! Lots of Love!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sequel to It's Happening

Generally after I write a post, I will read it. I guess I did not do it the other night, because I totally forgot to tell folks 'what is happening'!!!!!! Much to my amazement and probably your boredom I had alot of other stuff to write about. Ok- here it comes.... I went to get a haircut last week. Monday to be exact, after much discussion, should I get long layers, or not, should I keep the same boring
hairstyle that I have had for over 10 years - Well I decided pretty much to stay boring - only to cut a few "face framing layers" - Now for what is happening - I had TWO grey hairs. We cut them out immediately. The End.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's happening!

Wow, it has occured to me that I have not blogged in a really LONG while. It seems as if I have a lot of catching folks up to date!

First, I will start with the wonderful news that my grandfather has been discharged home with my Mom from hospital rehab after his remarkable yet miraculaous recovery. It was through many answered prayers that He was able to go home in such a fast time frame. So thank you all for your kind words and prayers for Him.

Next, February 3, my dearest hubby turned 40! Can you all believe it? We had a wonderful night of Mexican fiesta at our local food hang out( such a small town - the only one in town - and does not compare to Chellino's for all you in Oklahoma) Emma had to tell everyone in the restuarant that her Daddy was 40 - hehe. He took it with stlye and grace. I must say, he is very handsome for an old man! So, on another day, I will retro-post a debut for his b-day. All about him - hmmm, may not be 40 things like I did for Em - on her birthday. We wrapped up the night with a yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

I have attended a wonderful weekend of fellowship with the women of Waynesboro. We all got away to St Simon Island to worship God and have a special weekend with each other. We did drama, sang, and rode bikes. Just absolutely enjoyed being in the outdoors and seeing God's handiwork - The amazing size of these trees at Epworth by the Sea - I'm telling you, I would have give my right leg when I was a kid to have one of those for a tree house!

Now this past week, I packed up and headed to San Diego, CA for our Nation Sales Meeting with work. Now mind you these meetings are non-stop action packed, barely have time to stop and pee, much less have any time to sight see. The company is very gracious to put us in a beautiful hotel on the bay just so we can look outside and long for the outdoors while we are cooped up like chickens. Meetings all day long from 7:45 am until 6:45 pm then break and start back at 8pm for dinner and party afterwards. These parties are always theme oriented and this years was no different. It was game room style, or shall I say, arcade - anywho, it was quite a sight, airhockey tables, wii stations, pools tables, video racing games like pole position, fuge ball, just to name a few! It was pretty cool. There was a live band, a boy were they awesome. From the lungs on the women singing to the horns the men were belting - it was grooving. But honestly, the most inspiring part of the trip, was not any of the parties, or the awards, or the pep talks - It was Friday afternoon... We left the hotel, all 450 of us, bused over to the Midway, a retired aircraft carrier from the Naval fleet. We had an inspiring speech on how we could view people different, see things from their point of view, maybe engage in a conversation on a deeper level, instead of just existing. Then we broke into groups of 5, and assembled new bikes that our company had purchased. Being a sales company, we had to come up with a slogan to sale our bike, but then we got to meet the child that the bike we had just asembled was for. I met Kathleen. She was living in San Diego, 8 years old, Dad in the Navy, had three other siblings, just moved to CA from VA and loved the weather because she could play outside all the time! What a neat story! I love to say that I am part of a company that gives back to the community on a daily basis!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Updates and the such

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for my Grandfather over the last two weeks. I am so glad to report that he is doing better and has been released to rehab for PT. He is approaching 85 years old and he needs a little help getting the bones moving again!

With that being said, I am sooooo behind on reading all my blogs, FB, and I must admit work. So it is almost like I have to devote small portions of time to read everything that I want to catch up on! ( otherwise, I would just sit here all day, and be a computer junkie)

Luke is sweet as pie. He has my personality - today we were leaving Wal-mart and he was just a talking to everybody in the store. The child doesn't meet a stranger. When we got ready to leave, he tells everybody "bye" looks around, finds some one else - "bye bye" when we are in the parking lot, yelling "bye bye" to the people getting out of their cars. The boy is not right!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a Quick Update

I flew to Memphis today to be with my family. My grandfather is very sick. All still from the Christmas hospital admission. He was practically on his way out the door when he had a terrible set back. Now we are back on ICU - stepdown seeming to start all over. He is getting blood, plasma, and Vit K, he has GI problems, lung problems, just to name a few. Please pray for him - and the doctors that they will have wisdom in his treatment. He is sooooo tired!
Today I learned Psalms 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Wonderful Husband

This week has already been an adventure for me with work and it is only Tuesday night, late. Generally I try to do laundry on Mondays, because the Emma and Dougie go back to their Mom's house on Sunday evening so I have a full basket from the previous week. I swear, I think Emma is changing outfits three times a day! I even asked her this week and she responded, "Well, I'm not changing clothes, but I am layering". Anyway, back to the story.... Monday comes and goes - no time for laundry. Tuesday arrives, off to work I go, leave the house at 7 - Doug is home today, so I leave him a sweet note with a few honey do's, nothing too big. I slipped in the note, if you have time for laundry, that would be great... We have discussed moving some furniture around, he had a friend in town, they got it moved! He delivered all the checks (three of them) and did the laundry :) . I was soooooo excited when I got home. Well, he did admit, he had help with the laundry, Sara - our wonderful house keeper - couldn't be a working mom without her - but he finished it. Sara said she saw my note, and knew Mr. Doug might not get to the laundry, so she started a couple of loads for him while she cleaned today! LOVE HER - But I really appreciate him for finishing - he even folded!