Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lily Claire is 4 months old!

Lily Claire - you turned 4 months old today.
You have brought your father and I so much joy thus far.
You have the sweetest smile, the deepest blue eyes,
and the rolls on your little legs, we could just eat you right up!
You are the easiest baby to take care of - you only require
some milk and a clean diaper to make you happy.
You DO NOT like to be rocked. When it is time for a nap
you prefer to be put right down with your baby that plays music
and go right to sleep.
You are sleeping through the night now and have been since you were
10 weeks old. You weigh 13.9 pounds.
Daddy sings "you are my sunshine" to you and you just smile at him.
We love you!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Random Photos

Lily Claire hanging out with Mimi

LC eating that yummy fist!

Luke's favorite birthday present!
Thanks Emma and Dougie

Emma and Daddy
Valentines Social 2011

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Luke-ee turns 4!

Hey every one! My little man turned 4 today. I was putting his PJ's on him last night after he had fallen asleep on my bed - he is growing up to be a tall young fellow. I was amazed how long he was. He was so peaceful while he was sleeping. That iS about the only time he is peaceful! The year of three was really trying for us. Luke tested every boundary from minding or shall I say not minding to kicking things like...... the dog, the walls, etc. Lots of people say, "he is just all boy". There is a difference between all boy and bad boy. One day he got 5 spankings before 8am. On the other hand he is extremely loving. He has really shown his love for all of us showering Us with hugs and kisses. He keeps us in stitches laughing because he says the funniest things.

Luke you are very excited to be 4 years old. You saw the number 4 in your jeans and said my jeans are 4 too! It was the 4T on the size tag..... But this is the best, out of the blue you said "mommy, I was bad when I was three, now I am four and I am going to be a good boy".

we will see.......your Granny says your Daddy is paying for his childhood.....