Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Reality

Anyone remember that song "Back to life- back to reality" That is how I feel this week! I have had a glorious two weeks off from work, for the most part. Now, it's back to the grind! We celebrated our Jesus' birth on Christmas eve with Dougie, Emma, and Luke. This year Pot and Gaga joined us for the festivities along with Greg, Doug's brother. We had a wonderful Christmas eve morning, exchanging gifts from one another and exploring to see what Santa delivered the night before. The kids got a Wii from Santa - Dougie's expression was priceless - basically it was "weeeeeeee got a wiiiiiiii" as he was jumping up and down! Dougie also got two airsoft guns, one a rifle, and the other a pistol. Emma got a caboodle filled with nail polish, remover, cotton balls and the works! Last but not least Santa left a tricycle for Luke - Thankfully it has a long arm that Daddy and I can use to push him until his little legs grow a few more inches!

So, now it's Monday - a new year. I just realized this is my first post of the new year. I sort of post backwards. It seems as if I already told about my trip to Mom's. But I am just getting to post about actual Christmas. I will definetely leave pictures at a later date - hopefully tomorrow I will have time. Back to work today for me- had a great day to start of my new year. Thank you God! Back to work for Daddy too. He left to New York this evening, but soon to return tomorrow. Short trip! Speaking of New York, my Mom asked if he was going to the resturant that had a steak for 200.00$ HOLY COW - supposedly these cows are imported from Japan and have been hand massaged. Oh the days I'd like to be a Japanese cow - just think about all the massages I'd get! But no, there is no way his company would approve a 200.00$ dinner - hand massaged or not! Mom said, I would just like to know somebody who has eaten one of those steaks! Haha-

The big kids are back home with us this week- oh how I missed them -They go back to school tomorrow. They say they are excited, but we will see at 6:30 in the morning. Luke has really gotten into reading the last few weeks. He returned to his normal schedule today too, walked right into Ms. Sherrie's house and said "Hi Rerrie" Poor baby, has pink eye, bilateral - have you ever tried to put eye drops in a 22 month old? I practically have to straddle on top of him and pin his arms to his side with my legs - so I can have two hands free - one to pry his squenched eyes open and the other to squeeze the antibiotic drops in!

Goodnight, all are asleep here and so should I!

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