Monday, March 23, 2009

Circus In Town

The circus is coming , the circus is coming! One of my favorite memories as a child is going to the circus with my parents. I loved the elephants. They are such amazing animals, so large, so beautiful, yet so FAT and wrinkly. I have been to the circus as an adult, and to this day, I still love the elephants the most. They waltz into the arena with such charisma and ownership of the place. It amazes me that the little bitty woman who sits on their back can control them with such authority.
Anywho, we are off to the circus this week - I have to expose Luke to the elephants!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Am My Father 's Child

My Dad was a wonderful man. He could fix anything. He could build anything. He could cook anything - yes he would use every pan in the kitchen cooking it, but he could cook anything and everything. Now, he was a bit "cluttered". He had everything you could imagine in his barn and boy was it messy. He loved to work on bikes, cars, tractors, boats, motor scooters, four wheelers, anything that ran or at some point in it's life did not run. He was notorious for buying junk and fixing it up for us kids, so we would have things to ride around and play on in the fields.
He was a plumber and an electrician. He could paint, hang sheet rock, and install windows. I am telling you he could do anything he put his mind too. Sometimes, he was grumpy but aren't we all. He loved Lowe's and Home Depot. We would go there together and just shop - and leave with nothing. One year for Christmas he got me the thick book from Lowe's that has everything they carry in it - sort of like a catalog! "What in the world am I going to do with this I asked?" He just knew I enjoyed the store like he did.
In 2001 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and 10 months later he was dead. Those 10 months we made a lot of memories together. Like getting him to eat Chinese food from PF Chang's only! Watching Fried Green Tomatoes in the hospital bed with him, watching sumo wrestling? whatever he wanted - He always made chemo fun, trying on the wigs - he looked funny in the ladies wigs. We would go to Denny's after chemo for a Grand slam breakfast and see who could eat the most of their plate.
Then shortly before he died, he got really weak and could not do those things anymore. He was angry that he could not even walk from the parking lot to the front door of a store with out being short of breath. He was a good man. And he was concerned that I did not know how to cook when I was a teenager. I didn't have too, I had two older brothers who did, and I cleaned. My goal was to marry a man who could cook!
Well, my man can cook a little, but I did eventually learn to cook. But I also must have inherited a couple of other traits from my dear old Dad! We had an electrical plug outlet that was bad - Luke had fried it - I won't dare mention how - anyway, I called to see how much it would cost to be repaired. The answer on the other end - $130.00 Holy Cow! I thought, this can't be that hard, just find the circuit that provides that box power, cut it off, buy a new one, and take the old one apart, carefully remembering which wires go where, assemble the new one in the same fashion and viola! a working outlet for $14.99 - the cost of the new outlet box. No I am not for hire. Neither was my Dad.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Air Yick! not Air Wick

Isn't it true that we all watch our children so close that they could never be in any present danger with Super Mommy around! I mean, what toddler would ever tumble down a flight of stairs in the house or even the brick ones outside the house? Not mine of course! Right in front of my very own two eyes, both of those two incidents happened and I could not catch him. What Mommy would ever show her other son that she could kick a football and nail her toddler right in the face - so it was a line drive kick, with not a lot of hang time, but today's event was most unusual. Luke got a plastic toddler golf set from our precious friends for his 2 year old birthday. Well as he was play golf all throughout the house; I guess he lost his ball and had to find something else to hit. He found the Airwick which is plugged in behind a mudroom bench and about four feet off the ground! He must have knocked it out of the holder, and decided to "taste" the wick that was sticking out producing the apple cinnamon aroma. Next thing I know, he is running to me, rubbing his tongue - hanging out of his mouth - saying bbblllaaahhhh, bbbbbllllaaaaahhh and spitting. I guess they don't taste as good as they smell!
Many of you may say poison control! But nah, we just rinsed his mouth out, wiped off his tongue and went about our day. He was fine.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Solar Systems to Luke the Puppy dog


This week has been a jammed packed non stop week of fun with all three kids! We started off fast Monday evening at 6:30pm with Dougie telling us that he had a Solar system project due Wednesday. So we finished our Mexican Fiesta and headed to Wal-mart to gather supplies. It was getting late by then, so we just went to bed for the evening, leaving him to work on the project Tuesday afternoon.
First things first, upon arriving home from school, we have to make a snack! Today, I suggested healthy and they followed suite - we spent the next 30 minutes washing and cutting up fruit for a wonderful fresh fruit salad. I love the fact that both kids love to get in the kitchen! Especially Dougie!
Dougie's project turned out great! Emma even helped him paint some of his planets, but he was the boss, which reminds me of a funny saying that Dougie had when he was younger. It was always directed at Emma "You're not the boss of me".
While Emma and Dougie where painting the house I mean the planets Luke decided to grab a little snack himself!

You all don't even want to know - yes it is the dog bowl!!!! Isn't it just the sweetest thing though? He actually is on all fours eating like the dog. Doug absolutely hates that I captured this on film and will be posting this. Oh well, all kids eat dog food some time or another.

And try to drink out of the water bowl......

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