Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Update - Just to say Hello from Us

Hi Everybody - or at least Barbie ( i know you read these) and it warms my heart because you seem to have such fond memories of your boys and I would like the same one day!

Just a brief update - Our very own Dougie Springer is being casted for Quarterback role on the Jr Pro football team! He was pretty excited to get that news, even though he really wanted to be running back. I think he has tremendous speed but right now he has to concentrate on "beefing" up. He is already eating us out of the house!
Emma is running cross country. eeehhh - she could take it or leave it. Her comment, "it's too much running" I asked her what she thought it would be? haha -
Speaking of running, we held our 2nd annual Bird dog break away this past weekend. The rain stopped for the day, and close to 200 people showed up to run! What a great fund raiser for the Center for New Beginnings - it is our local center to help with autism and general tutoring. Check it out

Lukee poo has been a little under the weather with tonsillitis and recurring fevers, but he is such a sweetie, you would never know he felt bad. He thinks he should get to play football with Dougie. He puts on Dougie's helmet and practice jersey and runs and runs and runs around the house. Reminds me of Forrest Gump. haha

Doug and I are just moving right along as the parents of these three rowdy youngens - and loving every minute of it!

Hope everyone is doing great!
Love to you all!

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