Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Dougie Wanna Be

Happy Halloween From Luke Finally. He has kept me so busy baking cookies, cleaning the house, washing clothes, I have hardly had any time to myself... hahaha

After I racked my brain for weeks to decide what he was going to be for Halloween, we finally settled on a football player. Essentially a miniature Dougie. He wore Dougie's pads, practice jersey, and helmet. Luke was an official EBA Spartan!

In the beginning he was to be Bam Bam from the Flintstones. We could not find a Bam Bam costume. Then He wanted to be a fireman, but somebody, I don't know who would wait to the last minute, like the day of, to go and look for a fireman costume could not find one of those either. So..... I said Luke, How about you be a football player for Halloween! My nellie, he is only 2 - he doesn't even know what Halloween is!!!!!!!

The candy has ruined him. He wakes up and wants to eat candy for breakfast. Great, now I have a two year old who is hooked on coffee (my fault) and eats candy for breakfast! If only he got both........would his teachers love me or what?

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