Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dougie - A Growing Boy

One Random Day After School Last Week......

Lori picks kids up from school. We go to the bakery for an after school snack. (Wonderful homemade goodies)

Dougie - Can I get 2 choclate covered donughts?
Lori - No, just 1. 2 has too much sugar.
Dougie - Ok, thank you.

We get home, Dougie ate his donught.

Dougie - Can I have a bowl of cereal now?
(Keep in mind he likes raisin nut bran.)
Lori - Sure, Hey - Did you eat all your lunch today?

Dougie - Yes mam. I ate it ALL. (Turkey sandwich, grapes, chips, and a yoguart)

Dougie eats 2 bowls of cereal.

Dougie - Ok, I'm ready to go to football practice now. :)

This boy is going to eat us out of the house once he really starts growing and hitting those teen years!

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