Sunday, November 22, 2009

Runner without Rhythm

Have you ever heard that expression, "White folks don't have rhythm?" Well, it is true - at least for me. As a runner, I need a little rhythm - you know to get in a groove. I have always pondered how is it that people fall down and injure themselves while actually running! Well, let me explain..... I have a friend named Amy who is my running buddy. Amy has two dogs that we attempt to take running with us. One is a beautiful young lab named Sugarbear and the other is a blonde Heinz 57 mix appropriately named Heinz. Both dogs are very strong willed - kinda like some kids these days - anyway they will pull us through the neighborhood only stopping for a bush or fire hydrant. Well Amy and I were feeling really good, going down hill, making up some song about the dogs running. (yes Doug, we can run and sing at the same time) This is how it happened, I think the dogs got tangled up and I fell onto Sugarbear and then onto the asphalt with my hands to catch myself. Poor Sugarbear took the brunt of my knees in her ribs, but we got up and kept going. I wasn't hurt or at least no road rash because I run with my long sleeves over my palms to keep my hands warm. I was more embarrassed because I am sure red hair was flying and the dogs were scrambling and lots of people we know live on that street ;)
My right hand took the worst part of the fall. It was very badly bruised and I thought it was broken on Saturday morning because I could not move my thumb. It was only due to the swelling of the soft tissue in my palm.
So I guess the moral of the story is don't use the dog as a hurdle.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Lemons to Lemonade"

In this mixed up world of awful head lines from spiraling health care to war in Afghanistan; I wanted to share a sad story turned happy with you. I was listening to my FAVORITE news station on XM radio on the way to work this morning - it shall remain un-named, but let's just say I am "Fair and Balanced". Anyway, this young lady was 6 days away from what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life - her wedding day - and her groom called it off! ( My thoughts - better now than later) But how devastating for her at the last minute! Well, she already had the reception planned and paid for! She had no idea what to do - Instead of letting that rental space, food, band, and fun go to waste; the jilted bride went across the street to an assisted living home and asked could she host a party for the senior citizens the night that her reception was to be held! How amazing! The "fair and balanced" news channel had two old ladies from the senior citizens home on the network thanking the young lady for a great night of dancing and good food. Something they have not had in a long time. It just shows that people do still open their hearts for others even when they have been hurt themselves.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Elvis Milk Shake - Yummy Yummy for your Tummy Tummy

I want to start with Emma Springer won the Halloween contest at school. I may have already told you all that but I can't remember. She and three of her friends dressed up as Mt Rushmore. It was really a simple costume to make, grey poster board - crinkled to look like stone, their faces cut out so they could be the presidents, and the hair drawn on the the shape of each presidential head. It was too cute! It was a total of about $8.00 to make for four girls! They all spent the night on a school night and giggled the night away! Halloween is just a 'fun' day a EBA anyway. The second thing that happened to Emma that day is she won first place in a t-shirt design contest! She designed a t-shirt encouraging kids to stay off drugs. When she got in the car that afternoon, she told her Dad, "this has been the best day ever!"

Now to the Elvis shake - Emma is 4H club President. This month they are learning about calcium. Sooooo, she came home from school and asked me.... Love, how do you make that Elvis shake? It has milk in it? RIGHT? I said, yeah, in the form of ice cream! oh and maybe a splash of milk..... Anyway we played around until we got the recipe right and here it is. Hope you enjoy. She did turn it in for her 4H recipe containing calcium. We think you could use ice cream or frozen yogurt if you want to be healthy ;)

2 1/2 C vanilla ice cream or frozen yogart
2 bananas
1 C milk
1/2 peanut butter
Mix in blender. Drink as milkshake.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Dougie Wanna Be

Happy Halloween From Luke Finally. He has kept me so busy baking cookies, cleaning the house, washing clothes, I have hardly had any time to myself... hahaha

After I racked my brain for weeks to decide what he was going to be for Halloween, we finally settled on a football player. Essentially a miniature Dougie. He wore Dougie's pads, practice jersey, and helmet. Luke was an official EBA Spartan!

In the beginning he was to be Bam Bam from the Flintstones. We could not find a Bam Bam costume. Then He wanted to be a fireman, but somebody, I don't know who would wait to the last minute, like the day of, to go and look for a fireman costume could not find one of those either. So..... I said Luke, How about you be a football player for Halloween! My nellie, he is only 2 - he doesn't even know what Halloween is!!!!!!!

The candy has ruined him. He wakes up and wants to eat candy for breakfast. Great, now I have a two year old who is hooked on coffee (my fault) and eats candy for breakfast! If only he got both........would his teachers love me or what?