Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bloggy Fog Lately

Well it has been a while since I spoken to any of you invisible folks reading this computer screen via the blog world. I have just been plain ole BUSY or tired or mentally drained to write on here. But have no fear, I think I am back. I am feeling the need to communicate and record all the funny things our kids do on a regular basis again.
I also have new pictures that I will post of the kids. May do an entire wallpaper change and picture change to the blog. Tomorrow I am going to pick up the ones that we had taken recently. The proofs were AWESOME - I can not wait to get the real thing on my walls!
Dougie has been playing baseball these past few weeks. The season came to an end last night. They lost their final game by one run which knocked his team into second place. He has been an amazing ball player this year. He has really learned a lot and had fun on the field. I think back of the years that I attended our high school baseball games, and I am remembering how some of the parents acted or yelled at the umpires in the games. I don't and won't be a Mom like that. He will know I am there, but not making a scene. I didn't say I would cheer real loud for them when they hit or field well, but I won't be a screamer. Those moms were the worst. I often wonder if the kids feel embarrassed by their parents actions?
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