Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's happening!

Wow, it has occured to me that I have not blogged in a really LONG while. It seems as if I have a lot of catching folks up to date!

First, I will start with the wonderful news that my grandfather has been discharged home with my Mom from hospital rehab after his remarkable yet miraculaous recovery. It was through many answered prayers that He was able to go home in such a fast time frame. So thank you all for your kind words and prayers for Him.

Next, February 3, my dearest hubby turned 40! Can you all believe it? We had a wonderful night of Mexican fiesta at our local food hang out( such a small town - the only one in town - and does not compare to Chellino's for all you in Oklahoma) Emma had to tell everyone in the restuarant that her Daddy was 40 - hehe. He took it with stlye and grace. I must say, he is very handsome for an old man! So, on another day, I will retro-post a debut for his b-day. All about him - hmmm, may not be 40 things like I did for Em - on her birthday. We wrapped up the night with a yummy ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

I have attended a wonderful weekend of fellowship with the women of Waynesboro. We all got away to St Simon Island to worship God and have a special weekend with each other. We did drama, sang, and rode bikes. Just absolutely enjoyed being in the outdoors and seeing God's handiwork - The amazing size of these trees at Epworth by the Sea - I'm telling you, I would have give my right leg when I was a kid to have one of those for a tree house!

Now this past week, I packed up and headed to San Diego, CA for our Nation Sales Meeting with work. Now mind you these meetings are non-stop action packed, barely have time to stop and pee, much less have any time to sight see. The company is very gracious to put us in a beautiful hotel on the bay just so we can look outside and long for the outdoors while we are cooped up like chickens. Meetings all day long from 7:45 am until 6:45 pm then break and start back at 8pm for dinner and party afterwards. These parties are always theme oriented and this years was no different. It was game room style, or shall I say, arcade - anywho, it was quite a sight, airhockey tables, wii stations, pools tables, video racing games like pole position, fuge ball, just to name a few! It was pretty cool. There was a live band, a boy were they awesome. From the lungs on the women singing to the horns the men were belting - it was grooving. But honestly, the most inspiring part of the trip, was not any of the parties, or the awards, or the pep talks - It was Friday afternoon... We left the hotel, all 450 of us, bused over to the Midway, a retired aircraft carrier from the Naval fleet. We had an inspiring speech on how we could view people different, see things from their point of view, maybe engage in a conversation on a deeper level, instead of just existing. Then we broke into groups of 5, and assembled new bikes that our company had purchased. Being a sales company, we had to come up with a slogan to sale our bike, but then we got to meet the child that the bike we had just asembled was for. I met Kathleen. She was living in San Diego, 8 years old, Dad in the Navy, had three other siblings, just moved to CA from VA and loved the weather because she could play outside all the time! What a neat story! I love to say that I am part of a company that gives back to the community on a daily basis!

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