Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Solar Systems to Luke the Puppy dog


This week has been a jammed packed non stop week of fun with all three kids! We started off fast Monday evening at 6:30pm with Dougie telling us that he had a Solar system project due Wednesday. So we finished our Mexican Fiesta and headed to Wal-mart to gather supplies. It was getting late by then, so we just went to bed for the evening, leaving him to work on the project Tuesday afternoon.
First things first, upon arriving home from school, we have to make a snack! Today, I suggested healthy and they followed suite - we spent the next 30 minutes washing and cutting up fruit for a wonderful fresh fruit salad. I love the fact that both kids love to get in the kitchen! Especially Dougie!
Dougie's project turned out great! Emma even helped him paint some of his planets, but he was the boss, which reminds me of a funny saying that Dougie had when he was younger. It was always directed at Emma "You're not the boss of me".
While Emma and Dougie where painting the house I mean the planets Luke decided to grab a little snack himself!

You all don't even want to know - yes it is the dog bowl!!!! Isn't it just the sweetest thing though? He actually is on all fours eating like the dog. Doug absolutely hates that I captured this on film and will be posting this. Oh well, all kids eat dog food some time or another.

And try to drink out of the water bowl......

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