Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Wonderful Husband

This week has already been an adventure for me with work and it is only Tuesday night, late. Generally I try to do laundry on Mondays, because the Emma and Dougie go back to their Mom's house on Sunday evening so I have a full basket from the previous week. I swear, I think Emma is changing outfits three times a day! I even asked her this week and she responded, "Well, I'm not changing clothes, but I am layering". Anyway, back to the story.... Monday comes and goes - no time for laundry. Tuesday arrives, off to work I go, leave the house at 7 - Doug is home today, so I leave him a sweet note with a few honey do's, nothing too big. I slipped in the note, if you have time for laundry, that would be great... We have discussed moving some furniture around, he had a friend in town, they got it moved! He delivered all the checks (three of them) and did the laundry :) . I was soooooo excited when I got home. Well, he did admit, he had help with the laundry, Sara - our wonderful house keeper - couldn't be a working mom without her - but he finished it. Sara said she saw my note, and knew Mr. Doug might not get to the laundry, so she started a couple of loads for him while she cleaned today! LOVE HER - But I really appreciate him for finishing - he even folded!

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Big Sister said...

Daddy did ALL that?!?!?! I'm shocked tell him I'm super proud of him!! I do layer short-sleeve shirts over long-sleeve shirts. Dayy you are not only a wonderful husband as Lovely says you are a WONDERFUL DADDY!!! I luv u both!