Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello All. Just a quick update, not much news here, just cuteness coming from Luke, Emma and Dougie. Luke is really starting to talk and learn what words mean, he remembers people, and he repeats everything! He walked up to me a couple of nights ago and held his arms up and said "Mommy, I want hold you".... awe how sweet. Now Buddy if you are reading this, THAT IS OK. We were back in Memphis visiting a while back and Luke really bonded with my brother Frank. He started calling him "Buddy". Frank just loved that!!!! He said it was his job to toughen him up, because I had babied him too much. He's only 2! At least I don't have an Oliver. ha ha
Emma is pretty bummed that she doesn't have a little sister, so she just dresses Luke up in her tank tops as a dress, and puts his hair in pigtails, and calls him Lilly Claire. He really doesn't mind at all. Emma has been promoted into the 6th grade! She made outstanding grades this past year. All A's..... I do believe she still has a evil sister streak in her though - we were on GA DOT website checking out the weight requirements to see if she could ride as a passenger in the front seat yet - and she noticed that if a child passenger weighed under 70 pounds then they needed to be in a booster seat in the back. So she was adamant that we go to Wal-Mart for Dougie a booster seat. No fear, I would never do that to him!
Now Dougie boy, he is the one really changing. Growing into a young man - He just finished an awesome season of baseball. He was First baseman, and loved it. Even if I am his
otha motha
he is a superstar when it comes to sports. He also has a heart for God. The boy is reading the Gospel of John. We are having to do some interpreting along the way, but he is in it!

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