Saturday, September 24, 2011

K4 - Here I am......

I really have to get better about keeping y'all up to date. A couple months ago Luke started K4 at EBA (Edmund Burke Academy). That is the same school that Dougie and Emma attend. I must admit that I was very nervous about him starting school this year because he is so..... B.O.Y. He is a good boy, but overall just a typical boy that likes to be loud and rambunctious. In fact Dougie's first grade teacher told me that Luke was normal and it was Dougie who is the exception - calm, quiet, sits still, etc. That made me feel better about Luke starting school. Our first day went a little like this.... Keep in mind it was only a 1/2 day...... "Mom, I saw a lot of pretty girls today". "Mom, I don't want peanut butter and jelly everyday this year". The second day went like this, "Mom, I want to stay home with you, they want me to take a nap at school".

Well, it has been almost 2 months since Luke started K4 and he definitely has the groove of school down. He loves going, but still hates waking up and getting ready. Luke has adjusted to the naps and even gets to go to a pep rally on Fridays that EBA has a home game. Luke's behavior has been really great so far! Only one real incident where he pushed a little boy in the line to wash their hands..... I asked him why he pushed his friend and he answered "Mrs. Kitrell told us to hurry up and he wasn't moving fast enough so I pushed him out of the way so I could wash my hands". Hmmm, sounds logical to me...... if I was 4. Then came the patience lesson......

Hope everyone is well!

Monday, September 5, 2011

God Created the Heavens and the earth.......

On Sunday nights Luke attends AWANA at our church.  He is in the Cubbies class - it is a two year class that teaches them basic stories in the Bible; that the Bible is God's word; that God is real even though we can't see Him and so forth.  Well, last night was about creation.  We discussed how God created day and night which correlates to light and dark for the children.  Keep in mind they are 3 and 4 year olds in this class.  Ms. Betsy, the story time teacher, asked the children what do we do in the dark time?  One child answered we sleep!  Yes, that is correct.  Then Ms. Betsy asked, What do we do when it gets light outside?  Luke raised his hand and answered We wake up and we drink coffee!

That's my boy!  I have trained him right! 

Love to all,