Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Pilgrim is tired...

I have some catching up to do in blog land. These are just a few pics of Luke recently. They did a Thanksgiving program at Bible Play School for all the parents. His class was the Pilgrims. During the songs he knew he sang SO SO loud that everyone knew he knew the songs. The only problem was that he carries a tune about like I do, which means we have a hard time keeping up with that tune!
Emma, Luke and I went shopping one afternoon. Now that Christmas season has invaded every nook and cranny of the mall, there was no escaping this candy booth at the mall that my mother in law absolutely loves - See's Candy - anyway, I was purchasing her a box of candy and Luke saw these coins in a bag. Emma told him they were not money, but they WERE chocolate. Well, what would any 3 1/2 year old boy do, but try to taste the chocolate coins! They were very kind, the clerk told her boss, "UUMMM, Ms. Kay, he just bit that candy" as he was putting it back on the shelf. You break - you buy - was my motto there. I know a couple other kids who really enjoyed the chocolate coins as well once we got it home.
This is from Luke being a Cowboy. A special friend in his class was bringing his horse to show and tell since it was his leader week at Bible Play School. Yes I said H.O.R.S.E.! I mean a real, big, live horse. Nah, I really don't feel like a bad parent when I let him take his favorite little matchbox airplane for show and tell when he was leader!
Well, if it is any consolation, they were learning the letter "H" that week.

And last but not least, I wish I had a picture of this - you will just have to draw a mental one. Luke was watching Spiderman in our room last night while Doug and I were in the living room watching Prince of Persia. The next thing I know he comes into the living room wearing his Spiderman costume that I picked up for him a while back just to play in. Then a few minutes later we hear this moving of furniture in our room. So we wait patiently to see what else we may hear.... it is silent. I decide to check out what he is doing.. I see him standing on his step stool (that he moved from the bathroom) with one foot on the stool, the other foot on a doorknob! Whispering to himself saying "How can I get up there" as he is looking at the top of the door! OMW - this kid has no FEAR.

Next blog - hopefully tomorrow - will be on his new little sister!
Love you all!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


We are thanking God for His provisions for our family!
Have you thanked Him today?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kackleberry Farm with Bible Play School - October 2010

Luke in the corn maze

Luke on the "jump-o-line". It is a huge air pillow on the ground.

My buds

Mommy made me pose.........

Happy Fall,
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