Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Frank

Today is one of my brother's birthday - the one and only Frankie. He is a walking encyclopedia, he is so incredibly smart. He is the oldest of us three kids, but that doesn't mean the most mature : ) There is about 6 and half years difference between us. He used to play some pretty mean tricks on me when we were kids. Our Mom has a hair salon and we had to bring the white towels home to launder them. We would have a "contest" to see who could fold the most towels in the afternoons before Mom got home from work. Some how, my pile would always be way larger than his measly two or three stacker. I was so proud that I had won the contest! Never fail, I got him back - When he started talking to girls on the phone; one called for him in the afternoon and I told her "He was on the pot" - He was in the bathroom! I thought he was going to kill me for that one! He had to take summer school one year - I said he was smart - just didn't apply his self back then - anyway, he had to ride his bike to and from school. On the way home he found a baby raccoon that got separated from it's mom and he brought it home for us to raise! We kept that raccoon for a while. Yet definitely the jokester, he was supposed to be painting the outside of our Mom's Salon ( back in the 80's) she was in an old house with a tin roof - and his initials ended up on top in HUGE letters with class of '86.

Today he has a wonderful wife and four great daughters of his own. He is an awesome Dad and a great brother.

Happy Birthday Frank
I love you!

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