Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Fun Night

Tonight is family fun night at church and I am looking forward to it.... the youth are playing the men in a game of softball. There has been all sorts of Smack talk going back and forth! It has been quite humorous. We shall see.......

Other than that, I am soooo tired. Physically and emotionally - I took a nap on Saturday only to have Luke waking me up after one hour. He was directly in my face wispering "mommy, time to get up" Now he is the best nap taker ever - three hours, no problem... I just knew I was good for a three hour nap myself..I guess that is what I get for letting him nap in our bed with me.

So much to do outside, but it has been raining. So I can't put out weed killer, trim the shrubs or any of that stuff.

I am enjoying the weekend, only to return to reality tomorrow.

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