Thursday, March 12, 2009

Air Yick! not Air Wick

Isn't it true that we all watch our children so close that they could never be in any present danger with Super Mommy around! I mean, what toddler would ever tumble down a flight of stairs in the house or even the brick ones outside the house? Not mine of course! Right in front of my very own two eyes, both of those two incidents happened and I could not catch him. What Mommy would ever show her other son that she could kick a football and nail her toddler right in the face - so it was a line drive kick, with not a lot of hang time, but today's event was most unusual. Luke got a plastic toddler golf set from our precious friends for his 2 year old birthday. Well as he was play golf all throughout the house; I guess he lost his ball and had to find something else to hit. He found the Airwick which is plugged in behind a mudroom bench and about four feet off the ground! He must have knocked it out of the holder, and decided to "taste" the wick that was sticking out producing the apple cinnamon aroma. Next thing I know, he is running to me, rubbing his tongue - hanging out of his mouth - saying bbblllaaahhhh, bbbbbllllaaaaahhh and spitting. I guess they don't taste as good as they smell!
Many of you may say poison control! But nah, we just rinsed his mouth out, wiped off his tongue and went about our day. He was fine.

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