Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools or The Happiest Day of My Life

Many people probably wondered are they seriously getting married on April 1st? Well the answer is yes! Doug and I did get married on April Fools Day 4 years ago! A day much like today, it was raining all day up until the ceremony that evening - the rain stopped - and we were able to proceed with our union outside in the cool evening air. Thank goodness, it wasn't humid yet! I must say our four years together has been wonderful. We have experienced a lot of new things together. We have been scuba diving, motor cycle riding, camping, boating, and he has given me the experience of motherhood with Luke. I am blessed to be involved in Dougie and Emma's life as they are growing.
I will not ever forget our small intimate wedding - we only had a few close friends and family there. Everyone there made it a special memory.
Now for the real reason it was April 1 and not April 2 - if you look back on a calender, April 2 is a Saturday - there were two reasons, to be exact - my brother would not be able to bring his girls if we did it on the 2nd and the place we got married wasn't available on that Saturday. SO, we just moved it back a day! My hubby will never forget our anniversary!

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