Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Woman's Heart

Tonight my heart is very heavy. I attended a bible study entitled A Woman's Heart by Beth Moore. It is the first night in a series of 10 weeks. This heaviness has nothing to do with the bible study, but about the women who attended. When we think that things really aren't going our way or we had a really crappy day just know that there is always some one or many "some ones" that are far more in need of love, hugs, and prayer than we are.

We have a group of about 9 or 10 women that rush to get to one house by 5:30 pm to spend time learning about the tabernacle. Tonight people had all sorts of issues -  One lady has a daughter about to deliver twins any day - daughter lives in Ohio mom lives in Georgia. Daughter has MS and is very sick right now. Mom has been there all summer being a grandma to her 3 year old grand son and helping her daughter get around. By the way, daughter's husband is a med student......Mom has to come home to begin her school year and write lesson plans for the next month while she plans on being out to help her daughter after the delivery.

Another lady has a husband who is newly diagnosed with diabetes - she has to learn to cook differently and they have to adjust. Their daughter in law and her toddler just moved in with them due to being put on bed rest at 19 weeks of pregnancy. This is her fourth attempt at pregnancy after three miscarriages. Her sister has cancer every where !

Another lady just lost her unborn grand baby less than a year ago.....

Another lady is excited to get the news that she will be a Grandma..... in April but is missing her daughter because she is in Texas and Mom is in Georgia.....

Now my problems don't seem so bad...... just know that God has control of it all and knows all the outcomes of each and every situation. I can only imagine this ten week journey ahead and what we will learn.

Love to all

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DairyQueen said...

I'm doing the same study at a different place :) It's amazing to me how God can grow you in so many ways in a small group like that. I'm sure Beth Moore could never imagine the bonds made over studying the Old Testament, and the friendships that are made and grown over the course of the study. It has been a great study for me so far. I have been stretched.

Glad I found your blog!!