Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things I am Thankful for - and it's not even November......

1. My Salvation
2. Grace
3. My husband Doug - who truly is my soul mate
4. My children - Emma who makes me laugh at her silliness, Dougie who is so stinking sweet for a boy and Luke who is just in his bad phase right now. oh yeah - and child #4 for keeping me awake with such strong karate kicks.
5. My family - such as brothers, Mother, and Grandfather - I miss them dearly.
6. My blessings - a good job ( yes that I have to work most days, but it means I am able) , a house ( even if we have a mortgage - I am not in this terrible heat with no where to go) , my friends (who are all just as busy but we still find time to laugh and hang out)
7. Last but not least - Ice Cream - I have attempted to make a deal with myself - only one time a week! We will see how that goes!

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