Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Cat is Away.... Mice will play......

So the cat I am referring to is Doug and the Mice are Luke and I.......
Doug is gone on his annual bike trip with his buddy from Chicago. Every year they a pick a bike rally and go ride their motorcycles for a few days. This year they are in South Dakota and Wymoing. He actually has the best of both of his hobbies because there is a fly in during one of the bike rallies! Ha ha - boys and their toys - they never grow up!

So, while Daddy is away, Luke and I are hanging out doing what ever we PLEASE ;). We have had cereal for dinner twice, drank a lot of apple juice, and we went shopping last night for a toy. We went to the Wal*Mart in our massive town and purrosed the toy aisles. Luke is a lot like me - he carried around this one set of building blocks for about three ailes then He stumbled upon the ultimate toy! He quickly set down the building blocks and picked out this dress up outfit. When I stroll through TJ Maxx I put all sorts of things in my basket, but end up strolling around the store until I have seen everything and then I return it all to it's rightfull shelf or hanger. I usually leave with nothing after an hour.

But Luke would be different - we came home with it. Luke immediately pulled off the tags and stripped naked to don his new clothes. He played all evening, wore it to bed, and inisted on wearing it to Granny's house today! Mind you - it is 100+ degrees here! When I got to church tonight, he was STILL in the spidey outfit. I finally peeled him out of it for a bath and threw it in the washing machine for a much needed cleaning!

Now, at bedtime, He is next to me passed out in Doug's spot in the bed. Well, it is a special occassion. ;)

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