Sunday, January 10, 2010

"New Hampster"

I'm not so sure if you all know but Doug has been out of work since August. He spent that time going on may different interviews from Home Depot to the FBI - yeah right - but he was really searching! He finally landed a job and started this week! Thank you Jesus! We had to take him to the airport this morning to send him off for two weeks of training in New Hampshire, but Luke calls it "New Hampster". It is too cute to hear his little voice say that.

The kids painted pictures for their Dad this afternoon for me to put in a care package this week. Emma's is really sweet and reads "keep your faith". Awe....

I ended up taking the kids over to their Mom's house, who happens to be moving into a another house this very weekend. Dougie is pumped because he will be getting a bedroom to himself and longer have to share with his two little brothers over there. Emma has always had her own room because she is the only girl. She loves being the only girl. Of course Luke cried saying I want my Emma as we got into the car.....

That is the really sad part of taking them to their Mom's house every other week. I know Luke is getting to the age where he misses them and knows they are not at our house. He has to wonder where they are.

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