Sunday, January 17, 2010

I thought I was going to cry....

This morning Luke and I were getting reading for church. It is just the two of us today. Daddy is still in "New Hampster" for training.  Emma and Dougie don't come home until tomorrow from their Mom's house. Anywho..... We had just finished our showers and I was helping him get dressed. Luke was putting on his robe and noticed a book on his changing table. ( Yes I still use his changing table - it makes a great shelf; not to mention I don't have to get in the floor to dress him.) The book was entitled "What Time Is It?" So I cheerfully responded breakfast time! He got down from his changing table and said, "I need to read my Bible." I said "Ok, Later, we need to eat breakfast first." He proceeded to go to his book shelf and grab his Bible, "I need to read my Bible at the table." He went to the breakfast room sat at the table and proceeded to let me pour him a bowl of cereal while he opened his Bible and told me a story from the pictures.

Now I just have to tell you where he gets this from. If we do not think our children are watching us - good, bad, or when ever - we are wrong. Doug reads his Bible at the very same table almost every morning. I guess Luke sees him and wants to be like his Daddy.

Now another little influence in Luke's life is "his Dougie". I wonder who taught him this trick?

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