Thursday, November 6, 2008

Well, this is it - my blog - My intentions are to try to keep it updated with photos of the family and any sort of happenings or events that you all need to updated on! For those of you that I don't speak with on a regular occasion, hopefully this will be a great way to communicate! I want to share our family with all my loved ones, connect with some that I have not done so well with keeping in touch, and possibly reconnect with a few! One person especially comes to mind - Her name is Leslie Ann. She was my Sunday school teacher when I was a small child and she watched me grow into a young girl, then into a teenager. After that I lost touch with her besides the annual updates that my Mom would give me when she happened to see Leslie Ann in town or at church. Well just by chance the other day, my Mom and I were talking on the phone ( we live 9 hours away from each other). Well, guess who she had recently seen? Yep - Leslie Ann. I want to share the sweetest thing, Leslie Ann asked my Mom how I was doing and so on. She then proceeded to tell my Mom that she keeps my name in her Bible and prays for me daily! What a blessing to have heard after all these years! So, this is something that I learned at a Women's Retreat last year; yes it is good to pray for our friends, but even better, the leader recommended that we write a little note letting that person know that we prayed for them. What a blessing that would be - if you started getting notes that people have been praying for you. So you can bet that Leslie Ann will get an invite to my blog - I have a wonderful husband and family. i am so excited and cannot wait to share with everyone!
Love to you all

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