Friday, November 14, 2008


Luke loves Rody!

The week before Halloween the kids and I traveled to Hernando,Mississippi to visit to my mom and two brothers. I have one brother Brian who lives in Gillette, Wyoming with his lovely wife Jessi and their daughter Addison Kate. My oldest brother Frank lives in Memphis with his wonderful wife Heather and their FOUR kids! ALL girls! We planned the trip around Brian and Jessi coming home to celebrate Addison's first birthday. We had a great time visiting. Luke and Addison hung out - got to know each other - she was a bit aggressive, always trying to kiss her cousin - lol - Luke wasn't too thrilled about that! Addison's favorite words were "wooo wooo wooo wooowooo" especially when she got tired! She was precious! Luke was a bit under the weather with fever, so he did not get to make the Zoo Boo that Frank had arranged for us! Frank lives in Memphis with his fam. The zoo was awesome - all the kids dressed up and fun was had by all. There was disco with Dracula, creatures of the night display, a hayride, and of course plenty of candy. Afterwards we headed for Memphis Pizza Cafe for some yummy pizza. They have the best pizza in town! So thanks, Frank for setting up Zoo Boo - we had fun.

Now - to explain Rody..... Rody was a gift from Uncle Brian and Aunt Jessi. He is a blow up horse that can hold up to 250 pounds - so that means we can all ride Rody around the house. Literally bounce Rody around the house. You hold on to his ears and bounce like crazy. Emma and Dougie can bounce real high! When Doug sent me this video of Luke on Rody it was entitled "The Blurrrrr".

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