Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Newly Wed Game

Tonight was a fun - it was a post marriage retreat get together, dinner, fellowship, and The Newly Wed Game! Most of the couples who attended the marriage retreat a couple weeks ago were able to find child care AGAIN and all join together for a fun night. We met up at the wonderful host home of Sam and Tabatha's - they always seem to host every party! (BTW, your cabinets look great! ) We had great food - everybody brought a different dish. Now to the game - Wes and Robin went on-line and got a bunch of funny and serious questions. We had couples that have been married from 30+ to 3+ years. So needless to say some of the answers were quite amusing! I think the funniest had to relate to the nick names that the wives had for the husbands. The question was posed to the men, so we had to guess what they wrote. Yes, there were your usual honey and sweetie, but there were also a few creative ones such as Big Daddy and Stallion. We had lots of laughs! Thank God once again for wonderful Christian friends. Oh yeah, the pastor and his wife won - must have been rigged!

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