Monday, September 13, 2010

At Last.....I found it.....

So, as you all know I have been on a very long trip recently. Thank you for the prayers for my Granddaddy. I have heard from many of you via email that you have us and Him in your prayers.

So, about the 9 hour excursion home.

Luke fell asleep right off the bat! Probably due to my lack of parenting while away on a trip of that nature - we had no sort of semblance of a bedtime or a nap time! We just did the best we could juggling him and trying to keep the most rambunctious 3 year old you have ever laid eyes on content.

Awake two hours later - He says to Mommy, I have to pee pee...  Mommy says Luke hold it - I have to pee pee too. After all I am 28 weeks preggo and have had three cups of coffee by now. Luke says I can't hold it - so we pull over at a gas station to pee pee and load up on healthy snacks I mean candy. Why start now, we have been eating bad the entire trip. This is where I found these.......

I have been looking all over to try these. I have not found them anywhere. Well don't waste your money. They dark chocolate overpowers the peanut butter and that is just a sin! So I ate one - made my decision and brought the other one home to Emma - who happens to be a dark chocolate fan.

My mileage rolled over to 48,400 on my Tahoe this trip. Sort of looked neat on the odometer.

The clouds looked as if they had no bottom, I mean puffy tops and all, but sliced off perfectly straight edge bottoms - never seen anything like that before.

I got to live on the wild side - well sort of - I had to drive on the shoulder for 10 miles or so during a road work area. I have always wanted to do that without getting in trouble. But I am not sure what smart person put orange signs in the shoulder every so often that "cars could use the shoulder." If we get to use the shoulder, why in the world is there a metal sign blocking our drive? I'm just saying......

Luke said, Mommy, my foot is asleep. I didn't know he knew what that was!

We had Taco Bell - right next to a Donald's and Luke had a melt down when he saw it out the window of Taco Bell. I told him no playing this time, because I was ready to get home. You would have thought I killed his dog.

Had to stop in Atlanta for gas... filled up on ice for Luke and I. Glad he is a cheap date - besides I was still full from all the candy earlier.

We finally got home - four stops and nine hours later.... how is it that we only stopped once on the way out and made it in eight hours? Upon arriving home - Luke says, "So are we going to granny's for dinner?" Does the boy ever slow down??????

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