Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Scare from a Big Man

This morning I had a little scare from my hubby. He went to bed last night extremely nauseated and diaphoretic - the sweats - cold clammy - all for no apparent reason. Every time he would move, he would complain that he was about to vomit, but never did. Fast forward to this AM - he woke up vomiting and not able to focus his vision. Uuugghhh - I hate the nurse in me - we immediately expect the worst!

I get him up out of bed and to the doctor - he has an acute case of vertigo! Who knew that this could be such a miserable illness. With out knowing how long this will last, I am afraid to leave him because he still can't even stand up with out the "spins" coming on. His BP is in the 80's... hmmmm.....

So anyway, it is times like these that send my mind traveling to the What if's........ What if this is a heart attack, what if this is a stroke, what if he isn't around for the next 50 years......Oh my! That is purely insane and I know it - but that is how the silly devil works with those who are believers. I had to pull myself together and know that God has it no matter what it is - thankfully it is just vertigo - and he will be just fine. But he is still pitiful...

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