Friday, March 5, 2010

The Golden Rule

There are two things that Doug and I are trying to teach Dougie and Emma as they are young and starting to "experience" life. 1. Not to judge a person buy how he or she looks on the outside and 2. treat others as you want to be treated. Well, this week I had the very opportunity to share with both of them just exactly what we were talking about. More importantly, Emma shared with me how she treated some one kindly when she could have been mean.

Dougie and I were having a conversation about his assistant headmaster - who is new this year. He transferred in from an area public school and made the comment that he really loved our students. Especially the fact that he didn't have to "see anymore cracks" - due to the students wearing there jeans around their bottoms. Our school does not allow that. Dougie preceeded to make the comment "I bet they can have mo-hawks too"..... I said does having a certain hair cut make you a bad person? He just shrugged his shoulders. Almost 90% of the kids at our school have the same hair cut - short on the sides and back with long swoopy bangs. I asked him "Does that make you all the same single minded boring kids because you have the same haircut?" - He said - "No" - I think he finally got the point! I hope - at least this week.

Now Emma - she is 12 and has a very tender heart. She has a couple of friends that can't seem to get along. Emma was attempting to be the peacemaker when things exploded at the lunch table. She is truely closer to one than the other - but in the heat of the moment she got up and went to sit next to the girl who she was less friends with. Emma's closer friend had been pretty ugly to this other girl and Emma realized this. She told me she wasn't picking sides - but she knew it wasn't kind and she wouldn't want to be treated that way.

Wow - That brings me to my point of all this.... it has taken me a long time to learn....but when we treat others as we want to be treated oh how sweet the world revolves. It seems that people aren't taken for granted so easily. Thank you's are verbalized and I'm sorry is not need as much.

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