Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Extended Warranty

Well here we are mid week into the third week of Luke being a Big three year old. I have mentioned several times that Luke really enjoys flying with his Daddy. He loves to watch him fly, he loves to sit in his lap and watch airplanes on the computer - let me clarify - these are remote control planes. Now Doug's planes are very large ones that have to be put together. That takes hours, an engine added, and a radio used to communicate with the on board electronics that he has spent hours installing.

So with all that said when we asked Luke what he wanted for his birthday, he said a Helicopter. Now, he already owns matchbox heli's, some big plastic heli that resembles the coast guard heli. He wanted one like his Daddy's that had a radio that he could fly! Well - we were a little taken back because there was no way that he was ready to fly a remote control helicopter. Dougie has one and he even needs practice. With Luke's birthday fast approaching, no gift and helicopter the only thing coming out of his mouth Doug went to Toys R Us and found a RC heli that has an extended warranty! For an additional 10.00 dollars he purchased the warranty and asked - is it good if a three year old damages the helicopter due to wear and tear such as crashing into things in the house? The clerk checked her records and said YES!

Well - Birthday rolls around and you should have seen the child - you would have thought he just won 10,000 dollars! He was so excited - "my helicopter, my helicopter, my helicopter" - He has crashed it several times, but in the midst of all the crashes he has learned patience and gentleness. Honestly we have returned it twice already. (It is sort of embarrassing - Doug and I take turns). But a return policy is a return policy! He has become a better pilot as of recent days and is learning to hover by himeslf. 

So I was just thinking, I am glad that God has an extended warranty on me! Each time I screw up and crash, - wether it be at home or at work -  I can go to Him for his forgiveness and be covered with His grace. And better yet, that same extended warranty applies to our loved ones! Lets show each other some grace.

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