Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Luke

My Dearest Luke,
You are three years old today. Your first question would be "why?" This series of "why" questions just started last week on Tuesday. You literally asked "why?" 50 times in one afternoon. I guess the most memorable part of this new experience of your life was your Daddy squatting down to your level reasoning with you on what you could and could not ask "why" questions about. In his defense, he had pneumonia and fever and was and bit under the weather. Never the less, it was funny.

Luke, you weigh 34 pounds. You are pretty tall for your age -at least that is what every one tells us. You love to play football and basketball. You also love to play "bear fighting". That is where we pretend we are bears and play fight, then we hunt. Speaking of hunting, you can't wait to "get bigger" so you can go hunting with your Daddy for deer. I believe you are going to be your Daddy's flying buddy - you are crazy about airplane videos on the computer. You love helicopters, and remote control radios.
For your birthday, your Daddy bought you a small remote control helicopter - your were extremely excited about it when you saw what it was.

You have quite the imagination. You have two very good friends that really do not exist - except in your world. Dee Dee and Good Girl. The crazy thing is that Dee Dee and Good Girl change characters frequently - to fit whatever you are playing in your little world.

You love to go to church. You love to spend time with your Granny. You love your school. You love to sing. I think your Daddy summed you up pretty good when he said "Luke, you have enough personality for two kids".

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