Sunday, December 11, 2011

Do we have too?????

Christmas pictures will no longer be the same..... On two different days each child, Emma and Dougie, asked me if they HAD to sit in Santa's lap this year!  WHAT?  Emma tried to convince me that she is "too old" to sit in his lap.  Dougie just flat out said "I don't want to and if you make me I don't want to wear a red shirt."  So he also has an aversion to red shirts now???? Hmmm, on that note, I took the little kids to see Santa at Christmas on Liberty Street this year.  In our small town some of the local businesses open up on a Friday evening for special hours of shopping.  The high school chorus wears old timey outfits while singing Christmas carols in front of the courthouse, and Jolly Ole St. Nick is at the end of the street! 
I must say, I was a little curious how Santa was going to seat all four kids on his lap! 
Merry Christmas and I hope everyone is getting in the spirit! 

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Martha Fondren said...

Time is flows through your fingertips before you realize it. Enjoy every single moment!