Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Short Year Later.....

                                                                Lily Claire -  1 week old
                                                             Lily Claire birthday celebration
                                                                 Lily Claire - 1 year old

Wow, it seems like yesterday that Dr. Bartley said, "It's a......." and turned you towards me so I could see for myself that you were a girl!  The entire pregnancy I accused you of being a boy.  Oh boy, am I glad you are a girl.  Oh how I love dressing you in pretty dresses and playing with your curly red hair. 
So, a little remembrance for later...... at 1 year old, you weigh 20 pounds.  I really don't know how tall you are because we have not gone for your check up yet.  You love Sammy dog and know that she is a "wuff wuff."  In your most serious face, you bring your lips together and quietly bark, "wuff wuff". 
You recognize all your family members and especially go crazy over Dougie.  He is Da (duh) - and Daddy is Da (dah).  It is funny that those two are the only ones you have named. 
You started walking at 10 months old.  You love for Daddy to 'chase' you.  You have four teeth - 2 top and 2 bottom.  So far you haven't met a food you do not like. 
You have the happiest disposition.  Very rarely do you cry. Your sleep patterns could be better, but you go straight down only to wake up a couple times a night.  Never upset, you just want to play.  Mommy is not a night owl, just in case you haven't noticed.  You love love love your baby sitters - The Goering's. They dress you up and take more photos of you than I do! 
LC, Lily Claire, Elsie, we love you so much and are truly blessed by your life.  Happy 1st birthday. 

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