Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where Do I Start?

I have so much to catch up on blogging - I have really neglected this site... I have been extremely busy with L.I.F.E. - as I am sure that everyone else has been just the same. So, even though much has happened over the past few weeks I will probably break them down into a few different posts.

First I want to review the circus... A few weeks ago we took the entire family plus 2 to the circus. The crew was: Emma and Chloe, Dougie and Collier, Luke, Lily, Doug and myself. Obviously Collier and Chloe aren't ours but I really think that involving our kids friends in some of our family outings is important. We love these kids just as much as our own. If we can share with them some of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us, then we are more than happy.

I truly think the BIG kids enjoyed the show more than Luke. I being one of the BIG kids! Dougie and Collier's favorite part was the IPOD scene. Yes, I said IPOD scene. The group of clowns were playing "classical" music and there was one crazy clown who insisted on playing his IPOD with the Black Eyed Peas -Boom Boom Pow - song REAL loud. The clowns would go back and forth taking his super size IPOD and trying to destroy it so he couldn't disrupt their "classical" show. As the scene went on, his IPOD got smaller and finally he used a true IPOD Nano on a doc and played the Peas! It was great!

Emma played a trick on Luke.... on the way to the Circus, she told him that she was going to be in the circus! She had him going that she was going to swing from the trapeze all dressed up in a fancy costume. During the show, Luke kept asking Emma "When is it going to be your turn?" Emma kept saying "In just a little bit". Finally at the end of the show Luke looked at Emma very serious and said, "Emma, your really not in the circus are you?" We died laughing........ He was so disappointed.

The night was a success despite the rain. My favorite part is always the elephants. I am so curious is to how those ladies stand the smell of them stay on them! I do think my husband was a little disappointed because it wasn't a three ring circus like he remembered when he was young - but hey - times are tough now - even the circus has scaled it back!

Oh, BTW, I don't have photos to show because my husband wouldn't let me take pictures in the arena.  Mean ol' Daddy!  Those were the rules and he said I needed to follow them to set an example for the kids!  ( I hate it when he is right) ;)
Much Love,

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