Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary

April 1, 2011 Doug and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. WOW - it has been a roller coaster six years too! I have shared with some of my friends that He and I both have changed so much in that time - and most definitely for the better. We both have been greatly changed by our God who has taken hold of our lives and not let go. I have always wondered why I ended up in what I thought was the armpit of Georgia - over time I am seeing God's plan and purpose in the things that have happened thus far in our lives. I still wonder exactly what is in store, but I have to remember that is what FAITH is - not being able to see the future.

So back to our anniversary..... We actually had a DATE..... I know, how do we afford child care for 4 kids???? Nah, all I can say is Thank the Lord for grandparents! My husband arranged for his parents to keep the kids so we could get away for the evening - (yes breast pump in tow)!

We started the night at one of our favorite restaurants - Takosushi with a fabulous meal. I had the most amazing piece of white tuna I have ever tasted. I wonder if I will remember the taste of it a few years down the road? It was so tender and juicy and blackened. Doug had smoked pork tacos. As you can tell by the name, it has several items on the menu, from sushi to cooked fish to Mexican flare items.

Next we went to the baby store so I could pump and we could get Lily a bumbo seat.  What a date, but we enjoyed it.  Oh and I forgot Starbucks coffee.  A nice way to end the night with a little decaf Starbucks........ the things we sacrifice for our youngens! 

Most of all I enjoyed the kid free conversation with my precious husband of six years.  I can't believe that we have the marriage that we do.... we are so in love, a giddy kind of love.  We like to hold hands, we like to talk to each other, we like to listen to one another's fears and successes.  Doug makes me laugh so hard.  I think he is the smartest man in the world.  I love how his eyes squint when he smiles.  I love how all the old black ladies flirt with him!  I love how we can have discussions now without escalating to fierce fights!  I love that we can be different people who in the end have so much compassion for the other that we will lay aside our own agenda to better the other one.  This is what is special about my marriage.
Looking forward to the next 6! 

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