Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 just as busy so far!

Hi everybody!
So far 2011 is just as stinking busy as 2010 was. Maternity leave is officially over. I go back to work with bitter sweet thoughts. This morning as I was nursing Lily Claire, she gave me the sweetest smiles, as if she knew I had a big day ahead of me. I was only at a local hospital, yet I missed holding her and listening to her coo at me. Six weeks has flown by and I did not get anything completed like I wanted. (Mostly pics for Luke's baby book) Yes, I said Luke's! I have all the words filled out, but no pics in it. I guess that is a downside to digital cameras. Can't wait to see how long it takes me to do Lily Claire's.

Speaking of Luke, he is eager to go hunting and shoot a deer or a bear. Both Emma and Dougie have killed their first deer this year and Luke is anxiously waiting his turn. He brought me this blow up plastic animal named Rody, with a bullet stuck to his nose and said I shot a deer Mommy!
He is precious with many things he says but has yet to manage minding us one solid day! The other day his teacher told me about something he said in class - She was telling them all "how smart they were".... Luke responded, "You see my brain smoking Ms Christy?"

Emma has been selected to take the SAT as a 7th grader. We are very proud of her grades. She doesn't even have to study yet! She has the prettiest smile and silliest sense of humor.

Dougie is starting another season of Upward Basketball at church. Good bye to our Saturday mornings at least until the end of February - but he absolutely loves any sport! We are so very happy to share in his loves.
Emma got an I-touch for Christmas - her and Dougie were playing some app in the car one day. The question to Dougie was "What is your best feature?" He responded, "My hair." He wasn't playing either!

Okie dokie - gotta run......
Luv to all,

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