Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Fun.....Having a Blast

Wow - has this summer been packed or what! I just wanted to share a few things and pictures so far. Mostly we have been very involved in Dougie's all star baseball. They played really hard, but only made it to the first round of district tournament. He got a lot of playing time considering he was playing on a team with mostly 10 year olds. He played right field and caught every ball hit to him! We had fun going to all his games and he enjoyed playing. Well, the heat was a bit much in the end, but overall we did have fun!

On to Lukee poo - He has been taking swimming lessons and at three years old can jump off the diving board and swim to the steps.  It does take a little coercion to actually get him off the diving board to begin with.  We have a kiddie pool at our country club and he enjoys swimming in it and playing with the other kids.  He is a beach bum - constantly asking when are we going to the beach.... it is hard for him to understand two weeks from now, etc.   Doug has drawn the line - I have to take him for a hair cut today.  Well, the curls will grow back.  We did take a trip to my Mom's house to visit my brother and grandfather.  We drove 9 hours one way - and Luke was a trooper!  He enjoyed hanging with Uncle Fink (Frank) and his daughters. Also enjoyed playing with granddaddy and Mimi. 

Emma-laide has basically ditched us both weeks she has been with us! Well, not really ditched us, but she is at the age where she is off to camps all the time. The first week she attended cheer leading camp and her squad won the award for the most spirit all week! She also attended VBS for the beginning part of the week - being a journalist for all the activities going on at Saddle Ridge Ranch! She enjoyed that, because she does love to write. Then second week, she attended her last church camp before she moves up to the ...gulp.... youth group! She did have fun and was so funny when she came home - she told me that she and her room mate ate an entire row of oreos in one night looking out the window watching people! At home we are stingy with our oreos - only two or three at a time! I hope she was liberated! Due to her not being here, I don't have any photos of her.

This coming week we are all going to the beach together! So I will have plenty of photos! Hilton Head, here we come!

Love to all!

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