Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thud......then uncontrollable crying

Thursday night was just like any other night at our house - 8:00 - 8:30 rolls around it is Luke's bedtime. We do our usual rituals of going pee pee, putting on PJs, reading a book, then singing two songs and prayer.

Then about 1:10 am I was awakened to thud.....and then uncontrollable crying. Luke fell out of bed (again) - but this time it was very different. Normally he doesn't even wake up and gets right back in bed by himself. If I ask him the next morning if he fell out of bed - he would say no. This time he cried and cried so I decided to check on him - apparently he wasn't hopping back in bed. I went in and he was saying my finger, I broke my finger.... On came the lights and he showed me his pinky finger was hurt. There was no immediate swelling so I gave him ibuprofen and rocked him for a bit then back to sleep he went.

The next morning he came running into our room guarding his left hand and his pinky was swollen and starting to bruise. Off to the doctor we went......diagnosis a broken pinky finger. Age 3 - 1st broken bone......

Guess what - in children that age there is really no treatment - just taping the finger to the ring finger and Ibuprofen for pain. We go back in three weeks for another xray to see that it heels properly. The ortho said kids are mostly cartlidge still at this age so it should be fine.

Luke is such the smart guy - when they asked to x-ray his hurt hand he told the man it was "this hand" as he was putting his right hand in the air. Actually it was his left hand and he didn't want anyone touching it!

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