Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Already?

So it is already August 2012.   Another summer gone, just like that.   This summer has been bitter sweet for us as a family.   We have had so much fun watching the kids grow up and MATURE.  Emma has stepped up and had the responsibility of watching Luke and Dougie for the two weeks at a time when they are at our house.  She did a superb job! I must say she has really shown us just how capable she really is - from washing her clothes to doing dishes and sweeping...... I could go on and on.  Don't get me wrong, she whines a tad, but for the most part...... She is a HUGE help.    She is 14 and 3/4 and she does love her some texting, so I think she will do anything to keep her phone in her pocket.
As far as Luke and Dougie are concerned, I thought I was going to have to enter them in the WWF at one point.  I was watching to see how they handled an argument one day...... Next thing I see is Dougie (11 at the time) has Luke by the neck pinned against the wall feet off the ground..... So, Luke (5) knees Dougie right in the groin and Dougie drops Luke to the floor.  I guess you could say they worked it out!  Those two are night and day when it comes to personality.  Dougie, for the most part is calm and reserved, but has a short fuse.  Luke is loud and boisterous and as laid back as they come...loves to play jokes on you.  Eventually we had to tell them how much fun they could have if they just got on the same team! The funny thing is I can see Dougie acting very much like Emma did when they were younger.  Emma would always change the rules of the game so she could win.  Dougie does that very same thing to Luke now.
Lily Claire is a fire ball.  She is totally. Daddy's girl!  She gives kisses like they are candy.  Yet she squeals like a baby pig.  Aaahhhh, I can't handle the squealing!  Make it stop.....  But when I drive up to get her from the Goering's house, she is soooo excited to see me.  I love that girl.  No one could have ever explained to me that you really love each child differently.   In a good way, not more or less, but different due to the sheer fact of personality.  Currently Lily is a parrot.  She is trying so hard to say everything.  She has many words.....Mommy, Daddy, Wuke, Gougie, and Mema.  Gannie and Mammie are frequent ones as well ( Granny and Sammy).  She actually said her first sentence on Wednesday.  "Wuke wait".
So we did the normal beach vacation this year to Hilton Head, spent a few weekends at the lake on the boat, played some baseball, sat at home some, went to church camp, swim camp and fat camp.  Just kidding, I had to throw that in there.  I am so proud of Doug, he has lost about 25 pounds, the right way, by exercising and decreasing calories!
We also said good bye to Luke and Lily's last Granddaddy, Pot as he was affectionately referred too.  Don went in for a simple yet serious leg surgery and never came home.  He spent 3 months in the hospital and rehab but just couldn't pull it off.  God had greater plans for him and I am glad he is no longer hurting on this earth.  He was a wonderful Christian man who loved to tell stories to his grandchildren.  One day riding down the road, I heard Luke tell Lily, don't worry Lily, I will tell you all of Pot's army man stories.   Don was a Marine, and how he loved them.  Luke was mesmerized by his recounts of his former days.
So now as the summer comes to an end, we are slated to start school on Monday, we begin a new chapter in the Springer household.........Emma is officially in high school!  Dougie will be playing middle school football and Luke starts kindergarten.   I worry for Dougie's safety, being that he is not the largest on the team..... But that is out of my hands.  Luke, is Luke..... Following open house he asked me how come K4 has more toys than K5?  Bahahaha........

Much love to all,

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