Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Did You Expect?

I must admit that our marriage is better than ever.  I have come to learn that even the best marriages go through seasons.  I am pleased to report that our marriage is in a great season. Yes I will admit that it has not always been great.  I truly believe that our marriage is great because God has ordained our marriage and wants it to please Him.  One thing that we regularly do is take time to work on our marriage.  Usually on a yearly basis we go away to some sort of marriage retreat and re-connect with each other in the way that scripture reveals. These trips usually allow for a lot of time to talk.  I mean really talk....not just about the kids or work or a current headline, but to connect on a level where you cannot if the kids are pulling at your shirt tale or fighting in the next room. Now we have started a  book study on Wednesday nights at church.  I am eager to see where this takes us.  So far; it is pretty convicting even in this great marriage.  It is not just for couples, but for those wanting to know what to expect in a marriage as well.  I highly encourage you to read it. 

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Martha Fondren said...

Lori - you are so right about having "seasons" in a relationship, actually in life. You never fall out of love with someone that you truly love, but you will fall out of connection many times over the course of the relationship. It takes work to stay on track and remember why you love the other person. Love you!